Jesus People Milwaukee

Okay. Found out those people in the previous post were my parents. And wow! Put me back! This is no fun. It's a lot colder, and I can't eat through my belly anymore. Kicking doesn't seem to work as well either now. I have to cry to get any attention, and that's difficult, since it appears I also have to breath through my mouth as well.
My dad's been preaching up a storm here in Milwaukee and throughout the state. He's originally from Wisconsin and the UP, and we came back here after being sent out by Linda Meisner with the Jesus People Army, who afterward went and joined up with the Children of God. (My dad tried to warn his discipler, Linda Meisner, head of the JPA, but she didn't listen, until it was too late.) My mom's working on a Jesus People newspaper, Street Level, and both have started up the first Discipleship Training School in the movement- they felt there wasn't enough real scholastic training going on yet. We'll see how it goes. Oh- we're living in a commune too, an extended family of about 30 people, mostly hippies, ex-homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, college drop-outs, who've decided to get interested in Jesus. We're all living together, sharing everything in common, treating each other just as family (for better or worse)- just like in Acts.
One guy, Rich Haas, recently wrote a song, "Beloved, Let Us Love One Another", that may be very popular one day. A lot of people have been singing it, and I hear someone has even fooled Maranatha and convinced them that they wrote it. And we've got a couple bands with us, one of them being Charity, which has been doing well in gaining a following and in becoming infamous. Later on they are going to become Rez Band. But I get ahead of myself. Charity's doing back up for our other band, the Sheep.


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