Sunset in Sana'a

Thus ends the final days in Yemen, though I hope not for good. I'd love to come back to this country, this side of the New Earth, insha'allah. I spent the day looking around the souq (have to stock up on Mountain Dew, Pre-Med Pens, and other items unavailable in Morocco), going to church on Friday, and talking with folks at a language school here. Oh! Also picked up some frankincense, as Yemen was on the old spice trail 2000 years ago. There's actually an interesting article on it's history and biology at Aramco World, written by Tim Mackintosh-Smith, that same guy who wrote that Yemeni travelouge that I've been reading while here in Yemen. Turns out it's a resin from trees. When you burn it, it seems that way too- it turns from solid to liquid, and just kind of drips down. Tomorrow: New Year's Night in Dubai, insha'allah. It tends to be pretty full there. Pray I get a room...


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