It's a different world

I'm here in Newberg, Oregon for Yearly Meeting at George Fox, for a few days, before I travel down to Lassen National Park to go camping with my friend Anne. Looking forward to that a lot. For now, just reestablishing connections with people, meeting up with people to talk about going to Yemen. And trying to deal with life here.

It's really wierd. You get on the street, and you are a good 10 feet away from the oncoming car, and it will screech to a halt at the crosswalk! Really messes up your plan for crossing the street. Oh, and I learned that when you tell a stranger at the grocery counter hello, and ask how they are doing, and to be polite inquire after their family- they don't appreciate it! And no one seems to understand when you are so thankful that you wish for God to bless their parents. It's really strange here.

YCEW, YAF, some of the Kelleys, and Jeanine are all here- Jeanine will be the new Theatre and Art teacher in the high school. But it was a distinct bitters-sweet pleasure to say hello once again to Stacy, who lives 20 minutes away from George Fox, and was kind enough to transport a couple boxes for me. It was wonderful to see someone I had worked with again. But quite sad too, as it was a couple hours later that I was saying goodbye- but this time, for the last time, to the last person that I knew from Morocco.

We went over to the coffeehouse nearby to talk over a latte and a large peppermint ice tea. And the most amazing thing happened. I only had a $100 on me, and I apologized as I gave it to the cashier.

He didn't bat an eye, nor as Stacy pointed out did he go down the street to get change. He simply reached into the cashier, and gave me exact change!


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