Dancing the Troll

Today was a bit of a break from the brouhaha that has erupted over Flock of Dodos. Happily it appears the Wikipedia article has been decided in favor of truth, evolution, and my way, at least for the moment. It's been a lot of time online that I've been spending these last two days to counteract the Discovery Institute's lies about this movie. Tomorrow we'll see what happens when Adrian appears on a panel discussion with Mr. Wells on the New Atheism.

It began with a Peace Day focus at church, in honor of St. Valentine's Day. Unfortunately our dear pastor was quite ill, and therefore unable to give the sermon, so we had an extended Open Worship this time, with many sharings on the topic. I was deeply honored to have my first guest at North Seattle Friends, Dylan Jenkinson and his daughter Gracie, who came all the way from a far-off country (Canada). Indeed, impressively Dylan shared the closing thought during Open Worship, and it was quite astute.

Afterwards we went to visit the Troll, which I'd never been to, and Gracie didn't think was real. We hung out and took pictures- but really, there's not much else to do at the Troll. Well, besides follow my main man Matt and dance a bit.

I haven't had many lessons.

Then it was off to Pike Place Market, where we wandered around the shops and were joined by my brother Kent. We watched some of the world famous fish being thrown as customers by it (far too fast to catch on camera), and I learned in a historical kiosk that the market is actually patterned after a Turkish souq- which explains why I have felt such familiarity and nostalgia when traveling through it. We also found a couple very important sculptures.

Then it was a sad farewell to my friends, and off to my first lesson in Salsa! Yes, after great sadness in being unable to attend Rebecca's dance extravaganza due to preparing for the Oliver production, I have finally redeemed that moment, and am taking lessons, beginning with five beginner's classes. It doesn't come easily for me, especially the turns. But once I get this down, I have only two more dances to learn for my wedding- Irish Jig and Tango.

You saw already my dancing before the lessons. After one hour there was marked improvement. I'm in the black, and danced under a pseudonym.


drh said…
I never realized that Oliver was a salsa extravaganza. Hot diggety!
@bdul muHib said…
Dude- unable to attend, due to preparing for Oliver!
drh said…
Yes, but wasn't the male in the video named "Oliver"?
@bdul muHib said…
Hah! I didn't catch that! I mean, I forgot that's the name I used in the competition.

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