And now for something really unpleasant.

Fair warning. It truly is.

On my way to visit a Yemeni store that recently had a hate crime against it, with a small drunken group claiming the proprietors were terrorists, I walked towards 5th and Jackson near downtown Seattle. In front of a sign there prohibiting smoking within 25 feet of a bar, next to everyone with cigarettes, there were three gentlemen openly making use of a crack pipe. As they were rather...assertive in their greetings to me, I was eager to walk past- until a few steps later, when a woman dropped her pants 10 feet in front of me, and let forth...certain bodily functions of a liquid nature. While I have observed this on the streets of Morocco, where it is more culturally normative, even occasionally with women- in this case her expression was also quite...extreme, forcing me to walk into the street to avoid her- and the crack dealers behind me.

As I called 911 to report (the former infraction), I reflected that I miss living in the Arab world, where it is so much safer.


drh said…
That's pretty unsettling. I'm sorry to hear about this experience.
MoRocco said…
oh, thats really bad experience.. i can understand how you felt.

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