One, Last, Time.

I learned something awful yesterday. Horrendous, really. Today, November 6th, 2007, is the final day to vote in person in Washington. Ever. In 2008 they are moving to an all-mail-in election, with the possible exception of Pierce County, but they are probably going to go mail-in there too. This means that this may be the last time I vote in person, ever. Which is incredibly sad. I love the franchise. I love going in and meeting people, all of us gathered to celebrate our right to vote and that we control the government. (I mean, hypothetically. It's still a pleasant fantasy.) It's just not the same when you do it by mail. My polling location was in an elementary school, and I arrived as kids were leaving- children who would never know what it was like to join their fellow citizens in a polling party.

So, here's my experience, for the last time. Because I have absolutely no private sphere. I did this last year, but now I've got audio. And for the first and last time, I voted electronic- with a paper record, of course.
Remember, this is for posterity.


quaintance said…
That is sad. I remember voting in my first election, at the library(?maybe?) by Eagle Rock High. For years my polling place has been the Unitarian Church down the street from my childhood home. It has always been a game to see who I'll run into. There aren't many things in american that bring us together as communities any more.

This year, I passively chose to not exercise my civic right and responsibility. This was largely due to the fact that since I"m not registered to vote at my primary residence, I miss out on all the junk mail that prods me on issue A or Proposition 42 or what have you.
@bdul muHib said…
The most important issue on the ballot, to me, up here, was 4204, letting increases in funding for schools be approved by a simple majority rather than 60%. Sadly, it appears to be going down to defeat, and a really stupid issue on the ballot requiring 2/3rds voter approval for new taxes appears to be passing.

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