The Heartbreak of Ethics

It wasn't a career, or even a job I was looking foward to for a long time. But it was a job.

I was providing administrative support for a company that provides healthcare. The first day the supervisor mentioned, off-hand, that abortions were done in the building. The next day I went to her to ask if I was expected to provide support for anything associated with abortion, and she said no- just for the person who heads a department that handles women's health, and a small portion of that is abortion. But I myself wouldn't be scheduling anything related to that.

Unfortunately today, I found out not so much. I was asked to schedule a meeting to discuss RU486. I had to go to my supervisor, and suggested that they need someone who isn't going to have these issues, since they appear to be coming up, and there is a conflict of ethics here for me as a Quaker. I had a coworker schedule the meeting, and offered to stay on till they can get someone else to fill the position. So I have the job, probably for the next few days, and then it ends. A well-paying job. Money I really needed right now. Gone because ethics got in the way.


drh said…
At least you stand for something. Good job standing up for what you believe in.
Joe & Cyndi said…
Alas, as jobs are harder and harder to find it is difficult to be a man of convictions. May the Lord bless you greatly for your care for the unborn!!!!

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