Our Pond

For the last few days, there has been a persistent drip out of the RV. Actually, not a drip. More like a drizzle, continuously, pouring forth, about the size of small button. You only hear it when you open the door, and it was mostly masked by the dripping of the snow and ice in this latest thaw. It would appear that this drizzle also began with the thaw; that something was frozen up and broke forth. But the result has been our own pond, beginning beneath the RV, spreading to the side, and then on to the back. Then with colder temperatures again, God provided us with some ice skating surface, as the pond began to freeze over- but the drizzle continued. It became obvious that we had to get this fixed, or over time the pond would become a very large lake, and inconvenient to the neighbors.

We called a plumber to come out, and it just so happened that they were already doing a job in the area, at about that time. He came out, crawled in the mud under the RV, and saw immediately what the problem was. When he came inside I showed him where the leak was in relation to the interior, and he pulled out some drawers. Some brilliant engineers had decided that the best place to put an overflow valve was behind the kitchen drawers, so that when you push the drawers in and out, you run the risk of pulling the overflow valve, and cascading water out of the RV. It seemed at some point the valve was opened, and when it thawed, the water was released. The problem was fixed in five minutes.

Or so we thought.

About an hour later, my dad noticed a puddle forming, but this time, inside the RV, under the carpet. Pulling the drawers out showed a puddle underneath the sink too. Evidently, closing the valve put too much pressure on the pipes, and something had burst. We began to think we would have to contact the plumber yet again. But after a bit more research, removing more paneling, I found the leak. I turned off all the water, untightened the pipe and then retightened it, and wallah, no leak. Just a squishy floor to deal with.

The bonus was today, when I called the plumber. Ordinarily the standard is $96 for a visit, and the absolute minimum is half that. But considering the plumber was only out for five minutes, and financial difficulties, the plumber was generous, asking me to pay only what I thought reasonable. So it came out to be only $20. EZ Plumbing- not only do they know their stuff, but they are kind-hearted as well.


mom said…
I think....I should say....well, great! good job! glad everything turned out!...but everything seems to provoke something else, so maybe I should just say may the force be with you, and your RV this coming year.
Mom said…
write something! I keep tuning in for the next installment. love,
Brandon Barr said…
I wish I had a pond! Alas...I live in Southern California...were packed wall to wall down here.

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