And I thought LA drivers were bad...

Well, you know that it would happen two days after getting new insurance. Yesterday, just after leaving that conference I spoke of, I followed another car to a stop sign. They turned to the left, and I turned on my right blinker to turn to the right. The car went about three car lengths, and then suddenly began to reverse course. I blared my horn long and loud, but the car acted as if it didn't hear. He continued to reverse and turned, in anticipation of a three-point turn to go to the right instead. Unfortunately, at this point, I was in the spot that he had previously occupied. So it became one of those exceedingly rare cases where the lead car is at fault for a rear-end accident. This other car rammed my front end with his rear end, going what looked like about 30 mph.

We traded information and had a police officer come out to file a report. It looked to me like the damage to my car was only around $100, and worse to the car at fault. Sadly, the driver is the boyfriend of the car owner (a passenger at the time), and her insurance is in her father's name- which doesn't spell anything good for the future relationship of the boyfriend with the reckless driving habits. Also unfortunately, the shop today determined that the damage was more extensive than I had thought, amounting to around $1100, for the driver had plowed into my vehicle with such momentum as to force a number of chassy elements back into the engine. At least the driver admitted full fault at the scene, and the police officer also determined him to be completely at fault, based on our two statements.


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