Behold, I am the Resurrection and the Life

It is a common misconception that Jesus was dead for three days. It was actually a day and a half. He was killed Friday afternoon, and resurrected Sunday morning. But what if he'd died on Sunday, and been resurrected on Tuesday? And what if he was a car? Then you have my Saturn.

(Yes, I recognize the irony, Saturn being the Roman god of agriculture. Is this sacrilegious? I can never tell...)

I must praise God, for the good work he has done. Just a few minutes ago I got a call expressing surprise. My mechanic, Meffert Oil, had a welder look at the car, and the welder came running out, to tell the mechanic that he had to see this. My mechanic was then greatly concerned, thinking, "Oh, no? Is it worse? Is there a hole in the engine?" Well, it turns out both they and Sears didn't initially see the real problem- it was buried that deeply. When they looked again, they discovered it was only a bolt missing. All that would be needed was a replacement of a bolt, and the fan belt, which had shredded from the movement of the alternator, all for around $180! (So high for labor, for the alternator is buried deep in the Saturn, for it is such a poorly designed car.) So, thanks to amazing work by Meffert Oil, who always takes care of their customers, I'm off to return the rental car two days early and pick up my car today- for 1/10th of the repair cost, when I thought the car was dead, without hope for resurrection. Truly, if we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot deny himself.


Aimee said…
Jedidiah - the problems you have with your cars are phenomenal!! I'm glad this one turned out so well and hopefully there will be no more mishaps.
The girlfriend news was new to me (though I did read the post about your visit to Iowa). Guess I'll have to read through more and see what other information there is to glean. =)
@bdul muHib said…
And guess what? Her family is from a town an hour outside the Twin Cities. So maybe one of these days soon I'll get to see you guys!

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