Back in the Day

Alawai Canal While at the AP conference I took some time to visit old haunting sites. My frosh year was at Our Redeemer Lutheran, which since then ran out of funds and had to amalgamate with four other schools into All Area Lutheran Schools, and close down the lower grades. Since then almost all my Our Redeemer Lutheran parking lot and recess areaold teachers have left too, although the one really mean art teacher who gave me a B remains. My old biology teacher now is a shark expert for the state of Hawaii. Others have retired, or died, like my orchestra teacher. I feel very old.Biology classroom

The Biology classroom was there, where I knew more than the sophomores taking the class simply because I cared about the subject more, but they knew a whole lot more about human Orchestra stagesexuality, simply because they cared more.

The orchestral stage where I played violin in a few concerts was there too. (See GWA- other schools use a Memorial stairscombination cafeteria-gymnasium-stage too!) And the famous adjoining stairs. I came to school one day against the express wishes of my mom, as I was very sick. But I really, really loved school. So my mom dropped me off, I got to the stairs, and promptly threw up all over them. Guess who was there when I looked up? Yup. Blythe Hirata, only the cutest girl in the school and a cheerleader. I'd love to regale you with our romantic escapades after that point. In case you're confused as Libraryto why I don't, go back and read the last few sentences.

The library was where I spent most of my time, and the same librarian was still there, Chapeland remembered me. Which is amazing after five years. (Anyone who thinks differently...Shhh!) Much smaller than what we had available at GWA. And our chapel, for weekly...chapel.

Our second year was in Oahu, and we lived in three locations, including Salt Lake and Manoa. In Manoa we were staying with YWAM, which is still there, after a very long walk through the entire UH campus to get to it, but no everyone who might remember me was gone on vacation.

The Manoa Valley is very beautiful, within easy reach of the city but still with a wild feeling. I took a hike into the deep country to the falls. Saw a woman there who knew what to truly do with a banyan tree.

Banyan Tree

The falls are gorgeous, albeit it populated with warning signs. And of course, some chose to ignore the signs and hopped over the guide rails to bathe. At least, they did, till I reminded them of that other warning sign about trypanosomes in the water, and shared with them about the similarities between brain infection by trypanosomes and swiss cheese. Then they got out very quickly.
Manoa Falls


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