Waikiki Aquarium

Couple interesting items today. We looked at some more AP experiments, and I was able to get at a microscope to get this picture of the bacterial growth we were working on.

Then it was off to Waikiki Aquarium, where I took tons of pictures, downloaded them to my computer, and watched the new browser delete most of them. Sadly only a small percentage were retrievable. So the Hawaiian Monk Seals, the only ones in captivity, aren't included here. Hovertext will state what the pictures are of.
giant clam
I used to work out of the aquarium, when I was with Blue-Water Marine Lab, a high-school program where students learn about marine biology and then teach it to students (K-college) on board the ship, about how to do analysis, retrieve samples, and study marine biology. BML was based out of the aquarium, using the RV Kila, and was the reason we moved to Oahu, so I could pursue these studies during my frosh year. It was some of the best and worst times of my life, and what got me started on a love for the ocean and seeing God's presence in it.
Anemone with Chaetedon lunula, the Racoon Butterflyfish, common in Hawaiian watersanemone

Cowfish, with a rigid endoskeleton allowing it to dry out quite nicely when left out of the water, and then a cute household decoration when hanging from a mobile.  Or so I've heard.


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