Single Awareness Day

The guy who moved above us, Scot, suggested something for Single Awareness Day. (An American friend of mine calls it that, and I find it much more apropo. I was so excited to move to a country without it. But it seems to be increasing year by year, here and all over the world, and especially at our school. Ce la vie.) Scot suggested I give flowers to the women I'm closest to. I thought, that would never work. For so many reasons. But I could give flowers to all the women in the school. But I could never afford that, even if flowers are cheaper here. So I got the other single guys in it with me, and we bought about 40 roses for $30 (a little higher price than usual because it was Valentine's Day) and handed them out. It made Single Awareness Day much better than usual for me. And I'm told one of the married teachers got asked by a friend of hers, "Was that from your husband?" "No," she said, a bit confusedly, "It was from the single guys!"


Aimee said…
Howdy - congrats on getting wireless! We've had wireless for awhile here (DSL) but it was pretty bad reception and we had to refresh all the time. We got cable the other day and it is wonderful!! Brave new world indeed.
You may be interested to know we are celebrating Tom's 70th birthday tonight!

Hope you are feeling better soon.
scot toler said…
I made it on your blog! Rockin', just remember, 'scot with one t'
I have always wanted to see Soylent Green!
@bdul muHib said…
Come on down anytime to watch it!

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