What we Perceive, What we See

I got home just in time to hear a large fight-argument right outside our first story window. I just went out there and stood next to the guys for a bit. Whenever there's a fight here, a lot of people gather around, even if it's just an argument. So there were about 40 people on the street there watching. A couple looked at me coming out, and I said, "There's no way I can sleep right now. I live right there." Pointing to the window 2 feet from the antagonists heads.

A friend sent me this picture. I love it because I've actually drawn this in the margin of my Bible before, contemplating what she really looked like.

And on my way back from the souq today, I saw this sign:

It says in faded blue lettering, from a time when this section of the town near where I live was right on the edge of the city: "Casablanca, the beautiful city." If you ever come here, you will realize that that is one thing Casablanca definitely is not. There isn't a lot of beauty in a 2/3rds-world city of 6 million, mostly poor. The city is only 100 years old, and has no traditional architecture, and little culture in comparison to the rest of the country. But then, that gives opportunites for such great signs like this one. Or places called "Greenland".


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