The Ancient City

Fes is one of the 3 oldest continually lived in cities in the world. I've been a few times before, so I didn't spend a lot of time in the medina, or take a lot of pictures- it's not that new to me. But I had a good time over the weekend though with the Kelleys, and visiting the American school there, Amacitia. We saw a one store chalk full of spices, of which this is only a small portion- every spice you can imagine, and many I never could of. None for curses or love potions though. (Which I have an interest from from a purely anthropological folk-Islamic perspective- honest.) And the ancient tannery is there, divided into the white and colour zones. They use all kinds of substances to make that beautiful Moroccan leather, including urine and pigeon poo.

Unfortunately, Bill ran into some trouble from one of the water sellers while we were there in the Medina.

And then off to the the throne of America, situated conviently close to the church- and happily with a bit of Moroccan flavor in the McDonald's roof.

Tonight, for a few hours before I pick up some folks from Yearly Meeting at the airport, I'm going to go to my first Moroccan wedding. I hope to have some interesting etic observations to report, along with pictures, when I next blog.


Farida said…
Tannery-Very interesting, but at the same time a hard work.
Last summer I have seen Brazilian soup opera, named "Clon". This film was shot in Morocco, in Fez. So, I have seen such tanneries, but I did not know what it is.
It is very interesting system of dyeing leather. I have noticed that people love to decorate their Morocco property with different colorful leathers.

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