Last night at the singles meetings we've been having all year every Tuesday, they had a time of saying goodbye to me and Linda. It was planned by Tasha and Lauren with a lot of ingenuity and kindness. After a dinner of excellently prepared pastilla (sweet chicken pie) we did a mad lib based on Linda's life. Then they presented us with two photo albums, with pictures of us and people we'd known, and inside index cards with notes from many of our friends or those we've worked with, with personal comments. At the end was a trivia game based on me, with two teams trying to geuss questions. It was all very personalized with a lot of thought going into it- they knew how much I enjoy trivia games. I am deeply honored at the kindness shown me. And I am shocked at how much Lauren remembers of my life. She cares about what others say, captures every comment, and is very focused on those around her. If I ever forget too much because of the stroke, Lauren is the one I'm going to to remind me about my own life.


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