So You Want to See a Camel?

Well, the 2nd group of Friends all arrived safely. Highschool students this time, YCEW. They wanted to ride camels, so I took them to the same place I took YAF, the camel market. (It's what you get when you have a Biology teacher planning an outing.)

The way it works is you go up to one of the stalls with meat you can actually see- not that post Jungle tripe where you have no idea what the meat actually is because it's behind a counter. You request it to be ground up, hopefully adding a few herbs and greens. You pay the man, or add it into the final price, and go to a nearby restaurant with your meat to sit down and enjoy waiting for it to be fried up. You can then insert provided tomatoes and onions with the meat into round half-loaves of bread. Those who tried it said it was very tasty; not at all tough like you might expect.

They stopped only briefly in Dar Baida, and then out East to Fes with the Kelleys. I'll see them again in a few days to head to Essuira on the coast to the South (where you can actually ride camels), after I've climbed the highest mountain in N. Africa, Tubqaal. The doctor said it should be fine with my condition. Insha'allah. Hopefully I'll be able to share with you in about a week if I made it.

After sending them on the train, I had some time to say goodbye again to some teachers, blue bowling at the largest mall in Africa, MegaMall.


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