The Final Countdown

Well, this is it. The final day, the final hour. I'm getting on a plane right now, saying goodbye to my home for these past three years. Saying goodbye to the final groups of friends who are still here. Saying goodbye to hopes and dreams and desires.

And now things change. Who I am, the roads I take- they are irrevocable now. I am on a new path, whether chosen by me or another. I would be a different person if other roads were taken. But for now, the blog becomes an opportunity for friends in Morocco to keep up to date on what life is like in America, for the next month and a half, as well as friends in America.

Today I took 4 of YCEW, selected, who impressed me beyond measure- they wanted to go to the hammam again. We went to my local hammam, where they treat you well, give you a good solid scrub, and everyone knows your name. My last time, in a Moroccan hammam. And I am clean again.

Things change. They grow, but into what is unknown. Both plants and cancers grow. One towads the light, the other invading another organism. But it's not so simple. Even the plant is competing, in nature "red in tooth and claw", overshading it's compatriates, responding with advanced chemical weaponry to the insects that would seek to destroy it. Even a cancer is still life developing, trying to achieve cellular immortality, something ironically denied the rest of my cells. If only I could find a way to transfer that bounty everywhere.

Will my life be a plant, or a cancer? There will be death, and life, either way.

And life will continue. If you remember the plumeria I brought from Hawaii, on April 5th it was sending out it's first early shoots after sitting in soil for 7 months. Today, it looks like this, with yet another cocoon at it's base, still waiting to hatch. And one day, insha'allah, there will be a Plumeria Tree at GWA, ready to beckon geusts with leis- leis that once were used to speak with the Hawaiian gods, but have changed and transformed in meme to mean welcome to a new land, or a new endeavor. Life continues, life grows, changes, develops, always in free-form, always in new directions. But always it's future is the unknown.


Anne said…
I have no doubt that you will always bloom where you are planted.

Looking forward to catching up in just over a week. I am making preparations for our journey, and for hosting you here. If there is anything, beyond dairy, which you want to avoid in your diet, please email me.
E.T. said…
I hope that your time in the States goes well!
What you mentioned about your life being a cancer or a plant reminds me of the movie, "A Man for Every Season." It's a thought-provoking movie!
@bdul muHib said…
I'm not familiar with that movie. Did you mean A Man For All Seasons? What in it reminded you of my quote?
E.T. said…
I think you're right about the title. What reminded me of your quote was the movie's portrayal of both people living as a curse to others and people living as a blessing to others. I was thinking of the cancer as a curse and the plant as a blessing. The movie depicted people living for greed and people living for God, people basing their choices on self and people basing their choices on values, people who sacrificed integrity for the sake of self-preservation and people who sacrificed themselves for the sake of integrity. A cancer mutates good cells and destroys an organism, eventually even killing itself. A house plant, on the other hand, is usually a blessing to people while it is alive. Will we be a curse, or will we be a blessing? The movie challenged me and increased in me the desire to grow in itegrity.
@bdul muHib said…
Ah. Thanks for sharing that.

My point also is that there's more than the simple good/bad dichotomy we normally think of. There are negatives about a plant, attacking the organisms around it. There are positives about a cancer, as it is alive. What is good or bad is a matter of perspective. No matter how I grow, there is something positive, something negative, from a certain perspective- but in regards to me, one path is positive, and one is negative. We'll see which one I've picked.

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