l'pour Mary

I moved from staying with Adrian above the airport- well, Union Bay, with seaplanes regularly flying into it, is an official airport. With some beautiful density patterns too.

Now I'm with Kent, Trina, Sonny, Calvin, Samba, Jasmine, and Daisy in SeaTac. Samba, Sonny, and Calvin pictured below. Jasmine's too much of a scardy-cat, and Daisy is relegated to the back room 'cause she's a dog.

But this post is for Mary, 'cause it's all about food. Specifically, my sister-in-law, Trina's, birthday party, for which a French chef catered in their home- everything made from scratch in the home. And when I say a French Chef, I mean some of the finest food I've ever had. Started off with a salad with raisins, and then the main course: succulent roast beef slices, with potatoes in a blackberry cream sauce that tasted like it had a hint of chocolate but actually was beautifully blended with garlic, and a side of plush asparagus. Trina and Kent's financial advisor gave the meal as a gift for Trina, along with having the opportunity to share about her business to potential new clients.

I never even began to imagine you could do that with blackberry sauce. Sadly, no snails. But the piece de resistance- you can smell the difference in home-made caramel. The chef dripped it into sheets, and then twisted it into a tower that glistened in the lights of the candles. It was far too good to eat.

But we were forced to, and complied, and...Oh. I have never had something like this. Sweet, yes, but not too sweet. Every little bit of the different flavors of the cake distinct, and not overpowering each other, but rather merging into a complimentarity worthy of giving praise to the doctrine of the Trinity. Every time you bit into the cake you felt you were sinking into a morass of flavor. It was such a depth of perfection you didn't want seconds- the perfect amount of desire was fulfilled in one slice, and though you may want another helping later, on another day, it would be a true injustice after eating to not sit and contemplate what you had just consumed in open worship. I have never liked caramel, until today.

I do not think we shall see a feast the likes of this again, this side of eternity.


Mary said…
My mouth watered reading this post. very good.

I give it a thumbs up!


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