Evolution Observed in Progress!

Yesterday was the first day without pain, thank God. The kidney stones had passed, and the infection was reduced, providing yet another blow to the concept of natural selection. Obviously if the concept were real, the bacteria would have been able to develop a response to my immune system response and evolve protections and I'd never have been able to get rid of them. If it were real we'd be seeing many such bacteria now unresponsive to modern day antibiotics. But here, I didn't even take antibiotics, and the bacteria weren't able to resist my natural body defenses in the slightest.

A bold day for ID. Or so I thought. For just as I was celebrating the moment, I was horrified to discover this, occuring right below in the living room- the evolution from simple pre-cellular protoplasm, something similar to a slime mold, into one of the most advanced organisms on the planet.

Press Play Twice.
(This might explain why there are now so many of these creatures in my brother's house, where only a few years ago there was only one.)


drh said…
Well done! I am forced to retract my previous comment.

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