The Ironman

A necessarily short post, but one that fits nowhere else, and yet is of the utmost importance. Just as my dad will be on TV later this month, my brother Cody will be running for the honor, and biking, and swimming. He has gotten into quite the Triathalon craze, and this past spring ran in the Arizona Ironman. I'll leave it in suspense on if he won or not, as you can also possibly see him on TV, on Versus, the old OLN, this Sunday at 1200 PST and Monday at 1300 PST. We're going to have our eyes glued to the DVR.


drh said…
Reminds me of a different post, but only halfway.
@bdul muHib said…
Yeah, I noticed the parallel too :-)
tp said…
I signed up to take a triathalon class at Auburn. It wasn't until I admitted to myself that I really couldn't bike or swim, and the class wasn't for beginners, that I decided to give up and take swimming lessons instead! Ironman - that's impressive!

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