A Christmas Miracle

Seattle Metro does a pretty good job of helping out the handicapped. They have these fancy steps that turn into ramps, the buses can lean to one side, and the front seats fold up to belt in wheelchairs.

Today on my way to church we waited a minute for the steps to turn into a ramp, and the man rolled on to the bus. We waited another minute while he was belted in. When I'm patient as I should be I'm fine waiting for all of this. I was fine today. We drove off.

Immediately the man in the wheelchair got up out of his chair and strode to the back of the bus. It was a miracle! Granted, he had a slight limp, but otherwise he was fine. As I and the other passengers stared in consternation, he sat in the back of the bus. He waited until we came to the very next stop, and yelled at the driver to wait. He then slowly walked to the front of the bus while we watched and waited, he unbelted his chair, sat in it, and wheeled out, as the bus leaned over to accomodate him.

All of this ended up slowing the bus down an extra five minutes. As we drove off he's pushing himself up a hill backwards, using his feet.


Mike said…
That's a weird story. I guess he has limited ability that makes the chair worthwhile lugging around.

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