Thank You For Hearing Me

It's now been a year since my first post. And you listened. What started as a travelblog has evolved through a number of morphs. Originally discussing life in Morocco, the blog is now in the Beta edition, and rarely discusses travel, having moved to the struggle of re-adapting to life in America, and dwelling on the the impressiveness of God's work in life and His intricacy within evolution. Recent reviews started to be posted on the sidebar, as are other's blogs by nation of residence. And I started up my first regular feature, a natural history commentary of an article on the latest scientific developments, as detailed in World Science, which has become so regular it's now moved to a separate blog, Imagine...A Complex Creation. I'm trying to post the unusual and interesting here- what would be worth reading. But I have such a wide audience, it's hard to do. Tales of new advances in America might be interesting for my Moroccan readers, but fairly passe for the typical American.

It's been quite an eventful year since I began blogging. I had a dream fulfilled and visited Yemen. Then more dreams become reality: seeing the Pope, and visiting the land of the man who most inspires me, St. Francis. I had an experience of death and resurrection in a stroke on Easter Day. Lisa and I put on the multi-disciplinary 2nd Annual Science Fair and a week later with Joe and Elissa, the musical Oliver. As if that wasn't enough, I left my home and moved to the other side of the world, saying goodbye to close friends, dreams, and a substantial part of my life. I then realized God was calling me into a major paradigm shift in how I see myself and my future. Shortly thereafter I received the gift of kidney stones. And tomorrow I pursue the first concrete step in this new life, with the Biology GRE. Let no one say this has been a mundane year.


Brockeim said…
Today is the first day since my first post... or is that tomorrow? It being still today, I cannot imagine tomorrow, or a full year from now posting.

Congratulations on cmpleting a year, and of the great new adventures before you.

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