Here there be Dragons.

OK Joe, you win. I don't like the weather here anymore.

I think I've lost track of how many snows it's been. Typical winter in Seattle is two. 1/2 way through the winter and we've had at least four. That doesn't include the major wind storms and floods either. To say nothing of persistent grey skies with intermittent rain. The significant amount of the snowfall from four days ago still remained in the subzero temperatures (Celsius in the day and Fahrenheit at night) when we received another bout last night. With frozen streets I saw at least two stalled buses within a few blocks of my place earlier this morning, adding to the hellish commutes that car drivers have been facing these last few days. And they say with Global Warming, the NorthWest is going to be hit the worst out of anywhere in the United States, so things are only going to get worse.

Me, I celebrated. Some kids were in the process of putting up a rather gigantic snowman, and I thought I'd celebrate my cultural diversity with a Nordic snowdragon. Traditionally a candle is planted inside the mouth so that the glow of the inner fires can be clearly seen.


Joe said…
I don't know whether to be honored or frightened that you remember our "conversations" on Seattle weather.

In any case, consider it an incarnational experience: now you know how a good portion of the rest of the country spends its winter.

Me, I like snow, but mid-Atlantic winter is usually either cold and clear or not-quite-as-cold and rainy (kind of like here--although this winter we have had very little rain, but a lot of fog). And when it does snow it usually melts quickly and makes a slushy mess.

Nice dragon, BTW.
@bdul muHib said…
Fog would be nice. It's spooky and numinous.

Even snow is nice, 'cause you can play in it. But this is day after day, storm after storm, with dark skies, sub-zero temperatures, icy roads, 70+ mph winds, and extreme flooding. Although at the moment there's blue sky (and cold), it's been about three months of some combination of the above.
Anonymous said…
...don't know if you recall living in Middleton, WI after the ministry broke up...where the ice fishermen made those little huts out on the lake...and you and Seth and I made such a dragon...somewhere I have a photo...L, Mom
@bdul muHib said…
Oh, I'd love a photo. Especially if you can digitize it!
@bdul muHib said…
Joe- all my conversations with you were meaningful and rememberable.

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