The Postman Rings Twice

Two items of mail just arrived. I received the final result of Congressman Adam Smith's generous investigation into the actions of Homeland Security when I returned to America. This marks probably the end of it- I really wasn't expecting much to happen. Homeland wrote to say that they were really sorry for any inconvenience, but they have to search people at times, and computers. They didn't really address all the issues I raised- that I had no problem with them searching and detaining me, but rather that they searched my personal computer files extensively without asking me or telling me. But happily, I did learn it is now legal in the United States of America to search computer files without a warrant. (I need to find a good Canadian wife. Go join the Land of the Free.)

I also received the final score on the General GRE back. (Bio GRE results still pending.) Got only a 6 on the writing/analysis. Maximum possible is a 6.

Yeah, Baby!


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