Wet & Wild

Big Al, our quarter-ton Fur Seal.
This is the second half of my, Kent, and Trina's trip to the Seattle Aquarium, on the Volunteer Family Day. Watch for the hovertext!

But how do they get all these fish to float up there like that? Oystercatcher

That's actually a fish, that is!

Trina, doing what she otter.

Fresh-water otters- not as smart as sea otters but a lot cuter.
Yes!  I am a giant among these puny fish!


quaintance said…
I can never find the hovertext of which you speak.

So, is that an oystercatcher or a clough?
@bdul muHib said…
Oystercatcher- thanks; I'd forgotten his name.

Hovertext is when you hover the mouse pointer over the picture, and wait a second or two, then text appears above it.
quaintance said…
Yes, I know hovertext. I can never get yoru hovertext to appear. *shrug*
@bdul muHib said…
That's too bad- they're very funny!
quaintance said…
So, help me out. Tell me one image that has hovertext and I'll try hovertext experiments until I work out if it's working.
@bdul muHib said…
The first picture of the fur seal- and both pictures with all the small fish swimming in the light- have hovertext.

Maybe you use Firefox or something and it's not compatible with my system.

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