Window on an Underwater World

On June 22nd, the new Seattle Aquarium Windows on Washington exhibit will open - a 39x17' screen on underwater world. A few days prior, I had the distinct joy of inviting my brother Kent and his wife Trina to tour the facility and new exhibit, as family of volunteers got to attend free.

It is pleasant to be able to be immersed with ocean all around, to be filled with fish and mussels. Pleasanter still to share this with people you love, and see them experience it for the first time.
And since I've received complaints from readers that I never post pictures of myself....

They bring in divers to feed the fish and do a shtick in front of the crowds.

After viewing the Windows on Washington for awhile, we moved past the surge tanks, to the touch tanks.

I've seen pictures of other species of anemone swallowing small sharks. Bigger anemones than this. But it's neat to feel the animal attempting to digest your finger as you put it inside it's stomach. And bonus- when you pull your finger out, for the first time in your life your fingernails are clean! And most fun of all- getting a patron to do it, and then telling them after that the mouth of the anemone is also the butt, and so they just put their finger in the animal's butt. Sigh. That never gets old.
This beauty is Wolfie, our Wolf Eel (not a true eel). He is dominating the cage right now, forcing the larger Kracken out of his preferred cave. Kracken is one of our Octopi, now continuously banging himself against the glass becauAndromedase he's going through supersenescence, because he insisted on having sex with Andromeda, pictured here. In fact, he broke through the barrier between the two of them- a bold move for a male where the female often devours her mate after coitus. We released Andromeda a bit after this picture so she could lay her eggs in the Sound, starve while caring or them, and die. Kracken's two, done his evolutionary duty, and therefore his mind is degenerating before he just falls apart and dies. Thank you, Jesus, that you did not give us this life plan.


drh said…
Thanks for posting a picture of yourself. Sorry to see that you turned into a fish...

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