The Key to Good Neighbors

I have been repeatedly impressed at the community built up here at Don's Mobile Manor. It's a small collection of maybe some seventy homes isolated here in the middle of the Waunakee countryside. Perhaps it's because there are no walls, and no fences. Nor is there anyone who can expect a tax increase under Obama. But repeatedly, when we have been in need, neighbors have stepped up, often offering even before there was a need. There is a constant spirit of sharing resources and tasty desserts. This was most impressed on me this morning at 730, when my next-door neighbor knocked on the door, his dog's leash in one hand, and my car keys in the other. Somehow, the keys had been left all night on the street next to the car. Not only had no one driven over them, but no one had taken the car, or even dreamed of it. Instead, a neighbor came by in the early morning to deliver the lost keys.


Aimee said…
I think some people in our neighborhood are like that. Like us. =) We were out for a walk a couple weeks ago and saw our neighbor had left their car keys in the car of the door. We grabbed the keys and knocked on their door. They didn't answer so we dropped them in the mail slot. I think lots of people in this neighborhood would do the same. But there are others, perhaps out of the area, that wouldn't.

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