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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I've never done this before.

Vote for someone who actually wins the Presidency. Will this be the first time ever? Oh, glorious day!

You should all totally move to the country. Waiting in line to vote is a lot more fun here.
This is an Obama Papa.

I asked for more than one, but they would only give me the one ballot.

For only the second time, I got to vote for a man to be President who will be the first person of colour in the Oval Office. (Well, if you count the VP, the second person of colour in the Oval Office.) Last time was a caucus- this was the first time I was able to put a mark next to his name. Let it be known, for all time, I got to vote for the first black man for President.

And a bit anti-climatic, but still a joy- there was actually a ballot initiative, in our supposedly initiativeless state, but at the county level. Thankfully it was a gimmie, similar to Obama's plans- universal health care, at the state level, mandated to be the same as what those in state office get.


marmee said...

Just heard, 8:15, Obama won the nec delegates...yikes. wow. and from the same state as Lincoln...

Omar said...

What a day and what a joy! This is a great day for all those who love Peace and real progress for Mankind!

Americans are very lucky Man! And blessed! Congratulations!

tp said...

I'm very excited for our country, and for you that you got to vote for someone who got elected! Are you becoming mainstream on me? jk

tp said...

btw, is it legal to video tape yourself voting? :) it made me laugh!

@bdul muHib said...


This is my fear as well. I've always been the persecuted minority, able to rail against The Man. Now what do I do?

@bdul muHib said...

I'm told video laws depend on the state. To see other video of my voting, go to m caucus experience and what I thought would be my last time being able to vote in person and my first video vote.

Omar Poppenlander said...

The last time I voted for a winning presidential candidate was 1988. And I wasn't nearly as excited about it back then as I was this year.

Yes, we did!

@bdul muHib said...

I couldn't vote in that one, but I did my part.