I had the pleasure of golfing yesterday for the first time in ages, with my fellow Glarites, Bret and Emily from my church, before going off to see Transformers and Star Trek at the Drive-Thru. (The former you really need to avoid. The special effects are cool but they get tiring because that's all there is. The latter is the only movie I've seen this year worth seeing twice.) When you move to New Glarus, you get a lot of cool coupons, and one of them is a 2:1 golf outing, so we took advantage of this.

This was truly a Wisconsinite golf course: cheese, and live goats.

It's a beautifully manicured course, where they achieved an incredible amount of packing in. Every hole winds in and out of the next. The water trap was mostly avoided, though we did have some difficulties in the sand traps.

Most of the holes weren't that innovative, though there was one loop-to-loop that only Bret was able to achieve on the first attempt. Actually, that was kind of the play on every hole- Bret did well, and me and Emily struggled to stay only a couple above par. (And I spent a few holes forced to yell "Four" to get the ball back on the green.) Thus we were pleased that Bret was not entirely Spiner and at least partly human, losing his ball- in the same bush that I lost mine in.


Lauren said…
You & DRH make me smile--with your posting here and on FB. :) All the audience (or should I call them fans?) bases are now covered. :)
@bdul muHib said…
:-) I just set it up to automatically duplicate itself on Facebook. Some people look at only one (like you in the past ;-) But the blog allows for much nicer formatting and video, which the mirror sites on Facebook don't provide.
mom said…
remember u and Seth, going to the first startrek in GP...?

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