The Apostle Junia

This is devoted to the memory of Junia, the only named female apostle in the New Testament.. Though traditionally the name at the end of Romans 16.7 has often been translated as "Junias", the grammer at that point in the Greek doesn't leave an indication of the gender- the last letter is not included, due to the construction of the sentence. Millenia of male translators have assumed it to be a man. But in exhaustive searches of tombstones and other Roman archeology, the name "Junias" does not appear once. The name, "Junia", however (meaning "youthful" and taken from Hera/June, the wife of the head of the Greco-Roman Pantheon, Jupiter/Zeus), appears numerous times in Roman writings.

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Early Church female leaders including Theoda, the Bishop of the Church of St. Prassede in Rome in 820 A.D.; with her predecessor St. Prassede, founder of the church; St. Prudentiana, and Mary, the mother of God. The square halo shows a living person at the time the picture was made. Ancient graffiti is clearly marked, changing the name "Theoda" to "Theodo" to make it appear that the bishop was a man.

Left: "St. Andronicus, St. Athanasius of Constantinople, and St. Junia"

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Other books on women in leadership:Where can you run into Junia in 3-D life? There is a Mission of St. Junia the Apostle in Costa Mesa, California, part of one of the groups that has split off the Roman Catholic Church. Also St. Martin the Merciful Orthodox Church in Corvallis, Oregon has a six-foot fresco of St. Junia.

A mosaic in a cathedral floor covering the tomb of Julia Runa, a presbyterissa/priest.

You can also now buy postcards and "pre-icons" of St. Junia for $2.50 plus postage from the bookstore of the General Theological Semnary of NY. Their number is 212-727-3907.

Celebrate an amazing woman,
on the Orthodox commemoration and Feast of St. Junia (and Adronicus) on May 17th.

Following in Junia's footsteps, three centuries later Nina lead the entire country of Georgia to Christ, making her perhaps the greatest female evangelist of all time.

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