Insha'allah, no Kangaroo Pit

Our 2nd trip was the Biology Field Trip to the Zoo. It actually went the best of all three years I've done it- a small group of ten students, allowing us to briefly visit all exhibits in three hours, and no one jumped into the kangeroo pit, as may or may not have happened in previous years... Highlights included seeing the giraffe up real close, beautiful birds, Zebra-donkey hybrids reminding me of the now extinct quagga, deer with a sign in French saying "Warning: Dangerous Animals", and two cougars fighting each other.

The next field trip is two weeks from now. I had wanted to take my Geology Physical Science class to either the Beni Mellal Basin or the Essouara Basin, as both are one of only 35 places on the planet with the entire geologic record in the same place. Imagine, two of 35 in this very country! But I couldn't get an exact location, and those are large areas to wander over with a class. So I'm going to the same place where we went last year, Amizmiz, outside Marraksh. There's a great center there with kind staff that you can stay at cheaply- but I waited too long and they are all now booked. So we'll staying Marraksh, and travel from there out to Amizmiz to see metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks and tectonic formations. Be praying- hopefully the 23 students (with 4 chaperones) will stay in line. I have my concerns about some.

My next trip will be today, where another Friendship Festival is taking place in Marraksh. I can take the opportunity to check out hotels for the field trip, and might take a couple boys with me to see the concert, as concerts in English are a rarity in this country. Should be a lot of fun to see groups like The Crabb Family, Ashley Cleveland, George Huff, Jaci Velasquez, Kj-52, downhere, and Joy Williams, along with Moroccan bands. This is the 2nd annual festival, and is designed to improve relationships between Moroccans and Americans through music.


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