New Students

Well, we got some new students in recently. Haven't named any of them yet, except of course for Onan, for obvious reasons. He's the new Yellow Finch-looking bird I bought recently, as we begin talking about birds. Seems to have a broken tail.

Seems like all my animals are suffering. And I seem to have developed a reputation for taking in stray animals. Students brought in 3 miniature frogs who now live with Nightcrawler, the turtle- we used them for a frog observation lab. (Well, one just died.)

Then the maids called me over to deal with a strange specimen in their dustpan that they were frightened of- a large frog, what is sometimes referred to as a toad. He lives within a large tray of water, but I haven't yet gotten him to feed.

And then one of the guys who works on campus came in with a very amazing lizard, that I haven't yet been able to classify. Very beautiful, though it looks like his tail was cut off in the process of his being caught. Thankfully, though wild, he is willing to eat out of my hand- as long as it's alive. He tries to bite me too on occassion, but he lacks any discernable teeth.

Actually, today I discovered he'd also eat dead insects, after tasting them with his tongue, and then washing them and moistoning them up. Both he and the wild frog are prone to make escapes. The frog just tried it earlier this evening- he can get through a hole that even an octopus might find difficult.

Oh- and found out today something new. I used a balloon covered with dots to demonstrate the expanding universe, by blowing it up, showing how all the stars are getting further away from each other. But it was a cheap balloon, so I had to fill it with water to blow it up. I discovered that if you then leave the water balloon, filled as much as possible, on your desk, for about four hours, it will spontaneously burst, flooding your desk like an episode of Alias.


Aimee said…
Should we call you Dr. Doolittle now? =) That's cool that you're getting the strays and weird animals. Someone's got to take care of them.

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