The Greatest Holiday of the Year

When I was growing up the community would have pagents, times when we would all get dressed up and pretend. But perhaps the biggest holiday of the year was Halloween. And it's continued to be my favorite holiday. Well, along with my birthday. Oh, yeah. And Christmas.

My favorite part of this holiday is the dressing up, and pretending- and creating the most imaginative costume possible. I've been a Portugese Man-o-War, a dragon, a Mad Artist, Worf, Dukakis, and Lonnie Frisbee. I won awards for a twice-worn costume of a leper- complete with toilet paper and sheet wrap, ketchup for blood, and shaving cream for puss. It had the added benefit that the combination of shaving cream and ketchup produced an odor not unlike decaying flesh. This year I went as Black Smoke. If you don't know what that is, then I'm sorry, but you're just Lost. Kind of hard to be Black Smoke. It involved some wigs, a batman outfit, women's lace gloves, a black feather boa, and some Swisher Sweets, which I got hooked on back when I was living with the Allelous community at Fuller.

To prepare I also created my signature pumpkin, as I do every year when I'm in the U.S.

I spent the evening giving out candy with Kent at his place. It was actually my first time ever really doing that for a Halloween. Lots of costumes, most of them rather standad princesses or something occultish. The older kids don't get it though. They come up with a bag and no costume and just hold up their bag- dont even ask "Trick or Treat". Where's the Spirit of Halloween? Dead, I tell you! I told many kids I wanted the trick rather than the treat, and they just looked at me with blank, dazed faces. What are they teaching kids in schools these days?


quaintance said…
Great Pumpkin, Jed. I remember two years of your costumes in college: the leper, and the next year, the world, (in reverse :) with Grant nearby to infect you with the plague.

I went as a sunburned tourist, and keep forgetting my still unlit pumpkin at school :(
@bdul muHib said…
The world? I totally don't remember that one. You'll have to remind me what it looked like.

Sunburned tourist? Good call.

I thought for sure the other post was the one you were going to reply to.
quaintance said…
You wore maps of the world as your costume, painted tge map of the globe on your face as further clarity of it being the world (but in reserve, since you used a mirror) and had Grant running around with you as the black plague.

I did. Twice. And to this post twice. Blogspot doesn't like me. From here out, I'm keeping it short.
@bdul muHib said…
OK. I think I remember that now. The maps on the body at least.

Sorry blogspot isn't working for you. Perhaps just going anonymous would work easier? I find sometimes I don't get to post easily too, and so I ctrl a ctrl c before leaving, just in case. And with the new Beta, I have to log in again every time I come back online. Very frustrating.

And now, it's taken me a day to post this comment, repeatedly trying different methods until I tweak it just right.
Aimee said…
black smoke: nice!!

Pumpkin: pretty cool. =)
drh said…
Jesus...I've never seen a pumpkin quite like that one.

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