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Saturday, 11 November 2006

Homage to the Rain

I write this just after a brilliant white flash, simultaneous to a small click on my computer making me thank God for built-in transformers, followed by a near immediate peal of thunder (indicating close proximity), and then numerous car alarms. This just after claiming that NW storms are without thunder and lightning.

The storms continue. Today was actually a rather Snowfall on Olympics in the background.shocking day, in that it was mostly free of rain, although bitingly cold. Since my last report sadly now two have died from flooding, and the flooding's gotten worse, then better, then worse, then not so bad, and then really bad again. Rivers are 30 feet above floodstage, and just as they started to recede, we've got another storm, the third in a week, coming in tonight. Wind gusts predicted to be up to 60 mph. I guess it just started up. So far houses have washed down the river- and these are houses that were originally 70 feet away from the riverbank. Slopes are open, as we have gotten at least a couple feet of sticking snow in the last week. Many of the mountain passes are now closed if you don't have chains.

Yesterday I braved the storm for my first ever experience in a monorail. Well, minus Disneyland, of course. It just opened after a year. I'm not quite sure how, but there's only two tracks, less than a mile between Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, with two trains- and a year ago they collided. To celebrate their reopening, the first week is free on the monorail.


drh said...

I miss snow.

@bdul muHib said...

Again, you should visit Ifrane- It actually has seasons. Or there's this little place, you probably haven't heard of it, called Tubqaal...

drh said...

Has your web-based Aderes converted to something called Weebly?

@bdul muHib said...

No...I rarely check web-based Aderes, only when those rare occasions when Outlook is down...but Aderes seems to look the same as ever.

Did you mean my blog template by chance? If so, and after checking out what Weebly is, if you mean that the Beta allows for drag and drop, then yes, with Beta, my template now allows for this, allowing for greater control.