Just after a delightful first overseas phone conversation ended, it got suddenly cold. I sat and huddled at the busstop, in a jacket that was far too light for the temperature. And then it stopped raining. And started snowing!

Hey. It's never snowed where I live while I've been blogging. It makes me excited. And it's not that common here. And I love snow! You could stare at it as a whole and see it falling fast, plummeting to the ground. Or you could look closely, following individual flakes, and it goes through time dialation, seeming to take 5 seconds to fall 20 feet. As cars drove by they left whirling vortices in their wake, marked by the pattern of the falling flakes.

Here on Beacon Hill, 400 feet up, the snow is sticking, covering the roofs, cars, and grass. It's slippery, but delightful.


E.T. said…
I love snow too! Yea! Although, from what you mentioned in the post after this one, the snow's a bit excessive where you are.

Please make a snow ball or eat snow ice cream for me, Abdul Muhib. :)

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