Celebrating the American Rebellion

Fireworks BargeMixed feelings, obviously, on this day. First time in four years I've been around to celebrate it, and it's not something I ever really celebrated much. The idea of resisting our rightful authorities and rebelling because of higher taxes doesn't sit well with me. And fireworks just bring to mind bombs bursting in air, which it's supposed to emulate, and that brings to mind all the violence and death wrought at our hands and on the hands of others through the use of bombs and cannon and weapons far worse.
Crowd gathered at Gasworks Park to watch the Fireworks.  The rest of the crowd was on countless buildings around the lake, and countless boats in the lake.
Other than that, this post has really not much different than what you'll find on virtually every blog today, with some hovertext.

A fair sight more interesting than the static fireworks I saw in Yemen, at the citygates of every town of the Hadremowt (Hadramawt).


drh said…
Your fireworks pictures are keener than mine.

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