Tumbling Through the Air

I would like to ask for prayer for Duane. Duane's the guy I saw while I was on my way to the Afghani restaurant with Chon, a Korean, now American, who's spent the last seven years in Uzbekistan, and met me at an Arabic Language Meetup. Chon was on the phone with his wife when I looked up to the intersection two car lengths ahead of us, to see a bicyclist running at full speed down the hill slam into a turning white convertible. The part I saw was the man and his bike tumbling end over end through the air and over the car as if he were an unaccomplished gymnast. He slammed into the ground head first, sprawled over his mutilated bike.

I called 911 as the other cars nearby slammed on their brakes, and popped out of the car to get over to the man. The convertible was stopped where it had been hit, it's windshield completely smashed. Already there were two or three gathered around the man, talking to him while I communicated with 911 police and ambulance. He was miraculously lucid, able to move, and even making feeble jokes, though he was in a great deal of pain. There was a good deal of road rash and torn clothing, and he was counseled by the bystanders not to attempt to move.

I laid hands on him and prayed for him while we waited for the ambulance, which came only a couple minutes later, along with police and a the fire department. The medics interviewed him, and the police interviewed any witnesses, as well as his brother who arrived just then. Duane was carefully laid into a gurney and strapped in, carried over to the ambulance, while the concerned passengers of the convertible looked on and collected information as well. Please pray for Duane's complete healing, for a lack of fear and anxiety, and for a renewal of wholeness.


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