Why I'm Against the IRS

Today I had a most illuminating call. Actually, it was me calling, to find out when my refund would be sent by the IRS. They transferred me, asked me a bunch of questions about where I worked and where I lived, and then casually mentioned the $1600 I owe them from the 2005 Tax Year.

This is the first I'm hearing of it. Though they may have sent out notices (according to them), I received not a one. I've been in the US since July, and they have a record of my working in September, and yet they did not send me anything in 2006 in the US. I sent them the 1040 in April, and yet they sent me nothing since then. I called to find out when I'd receive the $70, which I sorely need, only to find out it had been applied to the $1600 I owe.

Why do I owe $1600? Well, that still remains a mystery. I worked overseas, for a school in Morocco, during that entire time. All the money I made- the mere $19,000- was made in the sovereign Kingdom of Morocco, not in the U.S. I met the standards of 330 days out of a calendar year being overseas, and filled out and sent in the appropriate Form 2555. I should owe exactly nothing, by the standards on the IRS website. Yet, in their wisdom, they decided to tax me on money made outside the US, and not let me know about it, ever, until they were just about to put a lien on my paycheck, and I happened to call in about my refund. And they still haven't told me why they think that I owe- I have to send them a letter protesting before I get to hear that.

I've always been a big supporter of paying taxes when taxes are owed, and of big government. I don't expect the IRS to try to cheat me and steal from me, negating their own standards. For now, I'm sending out a letter, as they requested, stressing how vehemently I protest their decision and disagree with it's validity. Then we'll see what happens from there. Pray for me.


drh said…
That's really frustrating. I'm sorry to hear about that.
Jonathan said…
Hey dude, sorry to hear about that. The man always wins. But he doesnt have to... check out www.fairtax.org join the cause.

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