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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Remembering Susan Mattson: A Video Montage

We had the memorial at Susan's daughter's - Sherry. These videos can speak better than I ever could of the experience, so I will leave you to view. Her son Paul spoke first.

Some of Susan's coworkers shared.

Sherry spoke from her heart.

Sadly, some archival footage has been lost - of my dad telling of how he and Susan met, as well as a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace by my sister Sophia. My dad shared more before our final toast to Susan.

I was impressed to hear how powerfully God had used this woman to draw others to Him, and how she had been the agent for truth and change in others' lives. I had no idea how much she had been That of God for others.

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Sherry said...

Thanks Jedidiah - this is wonderful! Sherry