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Sunday, 6 April 2008

The IRS Redeemed

I got a most encouraging letter in the mail today. Previously I discovered I owed money to the IRS, and that it was mostly because of errors on their part, though I made an intial error in how I stated that I did not owe the IRS taxes.

The letter states:
I have requested the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) correct your 2005 tax period by allowing the $21,437.20 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion claimed on line 21 of your return. I asked for this adjustment to be completed by April 15, 2008. Once the balance on 2005 is zero, the $95.37 credit from your 2006 return will be refunded to you, plus interest.

I will contact you again by May 2, 2008. At that time, I hope to be able to provide you with a transcript of the corrected 2005 account, as well as the 2006 refund amount and mailing date.

It would therefore seem about 85% likely that this issue may soon be finally resolved, and a great load off my back.

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