Recently, some friends told me that, while in Florida, they had run into a guy named Jedidiah. Rather rare, that is. He was married, but beyond that, he also looked like me. Here's the freaky part. He plans to go to the very same island that I want to go live on. And it's not exactly a common island- most people have never heard of it.

The put me in touch with him, and he wrote back today to tell me he looked forward to talking, but had to wait until he finishes moving in three weeks, to Wisconsin. The state that I have decided to move to at the end of this month.

It's getting really freaky. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I've been blogging too much. I'm wondering if perhaps I've been emailing myself, and responding back? Perhaps I won't be able to actually meet in person, for it is merely me, responding back from three years in the future. Which would mean that my friends went through a time warp on their way into Florida. Not unheard of, but usually the warp is in the other direction, into the past. I'll have to ask them who won the 2008 election.


Omar Poppenlander said…
Just put the bong down and back slowly away from the table . . .


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