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Monday, 18 August 2008


I just got back from the ER, where I left my dad for an overnight stay. He's had a persistent infection for the past few weeks, and the antibiotic they gave him a few days ago, penicillin, didn't take. So the doctor decided to keep him overnight, to treat the infection with stronger antibiotics, and make sure he didn't have the antibiotic-resistant infection. He was in a lot of pain as he went in, but now that they've given him pain medication, he's doing a lot better, and remains concerned mostly for his dog's physical and emotional well-being. Please be fighting persistence with a stronger form of steadfastness, and pray that this infection would not prove to be of the worst variety, and that he would quickly return to full physical health.


Lauren said...

Hope your dad can come home soon...

@bdul muHib said...

Thank you, Lauren. It looks like to be another few days, at least.