Further on my Father

Five days ago my father's infection progressed far enough that we had to rush him to the hospital. Over the last few days he's struggled with having to stay there, but has been grateful for the drugs that reduce the pain. Unfortunately, there has of yet been no reduction in the infection, and indeed, briefly they were unsure if it was even an infection. Yesterday they determined it definitely was, deciding there was nothing further they could do for him at the hospital, and I transferred him to an interim care facility.

The interim care facility is not near at the level of the hospital, which was a first-class, new set-up. The place he is in now seems to make up for what it lacks in cleanliness with the hardness of its beds. I was rather surprised how unprepared they appeared to be for the simple dispensation of drugs or suitable beds. In the first room, there was someone's old clothing left behind, next to a sign saying the room had been cleaned. The paint was peeling off the walls, and there was a large stain on the floor. It looked like something from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This ambiance was only accentuated by the presence of another inmate across the hall, singing out something between a Native American chant and a death rattle, that went on an on. Nearly everyone around appeared to be mentally challenged, making for a decidedly depressing environment for my dad.

Thankfully, after some significant protest, they were able to find a better room, with a slightly better bed, in a more modern section of the facility. Here, he has only one roommate, albeit a nearly deaf one (which makes a difference when he watches TV). But it is quieter, and cleaner. We'll see how long my dad is able to stick it out, but he needs to be there, rather than at home, as he needs an antibiotic IV drip and good pain medication.

Please continue to pray. Our hope is that he can be healed and out of the care facility in three to five days, and can come home. At that point we will look into our travel plans, if they need to be delayed, as we still need to sell, junk, or give away many items, as well as pack, and most of the items belong to my dad, so he needs to decide on them. Thankfully the landlord is letting us stay for a few more weeks, if need be, but then that pro-rated rent will need to be paid, and times are tough- there's now an additional $1000 bill for the hospital stay.


Anonymous said…
Sending prayers. -- quaintance
Anonymous said…
Thanks for keeping everyone up to date on dad, Jed. I'll look here as well as call--prayers (tell him), mom
drh said…
I have been praying for you and for your dad. Thanks for the update.
Anonymous said…
Jed--if you need somewhere to store stuff...how about the "bunkhouse" up in Idyllwild? Lee Rawlston will open it for you.
Omar said…
I find this post very moving and it brings back to me, memories of my late Father and how he struggled with protate cancer. I hope and pray your Dad will fully recover.
@bdul muHib said…
Thank you so much for your prayers, Omar. He is much better now, though not fully, and was able to return home today.
mom said…
Your willingness to step up to the plate and take c/o dad, your love, means so much to him. May your journey tonight/tomorrow be blessed. I'm praying for you all--
Anonymous said…
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