The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

We rushed and rushed to get to Wisconsin on time. After innumerable delays, we arrived just the night before. We were coming for a party, hosted at the Damrows, for Rich Haas, Mike Damrow, and Mole, who all have their birthday on the same day. Sadly, Rich Haas, who I haven't seen for over twenty years, was unable to make it, though my mom traveled out to Wisconsin just for this event. Many I knew from Jesus People Milwaukee and Europe were present, and many more I didn't know. The last half of the evening we were treated to a concert by Mole and the Damrows.

Bill sang a beautiful folk melody.

I'd always thought "Come, Jesus Come" was an original Servant song, until I heard it on the Sheep CD, originally sung not by Sandie but by Mary Damrow.

The Hamburger Song makes no sense outside of the Lonesome Stone musical, where it speaks of pursuing radical ideas in the San Francisco Haight, like vegetarianism- but it remains my favorite from the CD. Mole was kind enough to take a special request. (However, despite repeated attempts, there was no light available, so you'll just have to listen.)

My dad gave a speech, thanking all for their generosity in helping us get across the country. I thought it was just going to be a quick speech, and not a full sermon, so I unfortunately didn't record it. It turned out he was exhorting us to consider in prayer a reunion tour of Sheep and others from the Jesus Movement days. It was an excellent extemporaneous sermon, full of Spirit and fire. However, Lynn Malmberg recorded it, and should be posting it shortly. At that point I'll update this entry to link to her post.


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