Thank Dog, We Found the God

The dog rushed out the door to take care of business as soon as we got home. Unfortunately, no one made sure to tie him up, primarily because he never runs away.

But the dog is in a new place, after living in Surf City for the past three years. He ran around the corner, and disappeared.

We looked everywhere for him last night. I wandered around the RV park using my eyes, and then the flashlight, while my dad called out to him from the RV. I got in the car and went up and down the road, though I thought it unlikely for him to have gone far, as Sammy has arthritis. I drove down to the newspaper office that I'd walked him to earlier today. I couldn't find him. I came back and looked on foot, while my dad got in the car and drove up and down. We both have the squeakie toys that Sammy likes, and were squeezing them and calling his name. We couldn't find him. I heard barking in the distance, but my car came by at that moment, and it was impossible to determine where the barking was coming from or from how far. At one point I began running up the road, as about 1,000 feet away I could see a white shape in the night coming towards me. I called out, but on getting closer saw it was a man in a white shirt coming in to work the nightshift.

My dad was in tears, for Sammy is his most visible reminder of his wife, departed only this past March. We'd looked everywhere, and now headed to the police station to report him missing. Just as we pulled into the station parking lot, my dad got a call. A man had found the phone number on Sammy's tag, and was reporting that he was there at the Holiday Inn, next door to the RV park.

Evidently, somehow, Sammy with his arthritis had gone down a steep cliff to the Holiday Inn, which, of all the buildings in the vicinity of the RV park, looks most like the Fountain Glen Community that Sammy was living in in Surf City- especially in the near black and white a dog sees. But in truth he's my dad's dog. He realized the RV park was roughing it. Always, a Holiday Inn is the top-of-the-line, and Sammy had decided to upgrade his accomodations.


mom said…
That is sooooo funny, Jed! You are SUCH a good writer!

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