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Friday, 11 May 2007

Flying True

Today I had my first archery lesson, from the only place in the Seattle area that gives archery lessons. The instructor is very good, natural teacher, and we had a good time talking as he instructed me. (He was once ranked 2nd in the world in his age bracket, and 13th overall, before breaking his neck at 18.) I do love aboriginal societies and anthropology and primitivism, so I chose a longbow- something not complex, but allowing me to get the feel of it. I think it's important to have some way to defend myself in case we are invaded by Iraq. Surprisingly, evidently you don't need a permit to carry this lethal weapon around on the street.

It's the first time doing it since I dabbled in archery as a child with a kid's bow, and took it in one PE class in high-school. It was fun, although a bit wearing on underused muscles. Bob helped me get into good form, and he felt I had good discipline, within the "zen of archery". For the longbow, you evidently need to lean over and bend your legs, sighting a bit lower than what you actually want to hit. At $40 a pop, there won't be many of these lessons.

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