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Autumn is in the sheep costume and white dress, to the right.
I just found out that Autumn Joy, a good friend from the days of the community, was in a motorcycle accident yesterday at 2 in the morning, up in B.C. She has gone towards the glory of our Lord, and shall no longer know any want, nor pain. The family and her daughter, Djambe, found out while they were waiting for her for the Mother's Day Lunch.
From the Rockin' Revival album back-cover.  A young Autumn in black hair reaching for some food, in the lower left.Paul and Lydia, Autumn's parents, will be raising Djambe. Visitation will be Friday at Emmanual Mennonite Church in Abbotsford, B.C., from 7-8, and the funeral will be from 11-2 on Saturday at Maclure Road Mennonite Cemetery and Emmanual Mennonite Church.

I last saw her this past New Year's Day, when I visited her family in Canada. Some of my first memories are of playing with Autumn in the basement of our communal house, where her family lived. I was in 2nd grade at the time; she was three years old. She was part of the large group of children who we were involved with and played with regularly, and we saw everyone as true brothers and sisters. We focused on games like Superfreinds, or Animal Days (where you pretend to be different animals, in different habitats or combinations), and any chance to dress up or be in pageants, especially Halloween, pictured above. (All pics have hover text to identify Autumn.) Autumn's father, Paul, and her daughter, Djambe, in BC, in the Okanogan Valley, where we used to live.

As she grew up Autumn had some difficult times, but passed through them, doing more than surviving, but overcoming. She became a diligent and widely respected Social Services worker in the BC government, nearly completing her Masters, and working in the same office as her father. She was a strong woman, committed and compassionate, who knew who she was and didn't shirk at pushing forward towards justice and righteousness. The world is now a lesser place.

There will be no sorrow over there,
There will be no crying over there,
There will be no fighting,
So there will be no dying,
Over there.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for contributions to Djambe's trust fund, in honor of the great dedication that Autumn had for her daughter. Contributions can be made at:

Envision Credit Union
Abbotsford Village Branch
Account number 6744726
2090 Sumas Way
Abbotsford, BC V2S 2C7
Fax: 604-557-7481


Cherise Everhard said…
What a lovely tribute, Jed.
quaintance said…
I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend :(

I am trying to pick you out in the photo above, to no luck.
@bdul muHib said…
Thank you.

I'm the pig in the top photo, and the blond third head up from the bottom on the right of the 2nd photo.
quaintance said…
Of *course* you'd be a pig, a favorite animal :)

So, I can't tell one animal from another in the photo. ARe you the boy in the beige vest behind and to the right of the girl in the white dress? (one of hte older kids, then...)? The ears look vaguely porcine...
@bdul muHib said…
Yes, that's me- the tallest one.
Lauren said…
I agree, warm tribute. I'm sorry to hear about Autumn.

Good call, quaintance. I was guessing that one as abdul muhib, too...except I had lagomorphaeic ears (sp.?) on my mind...
Maribeth said…
Hi... I've come across this after hearing through a friend about Autumn. I met her through one of the national social work conferences, and we have kept in touch over the years. Your tribute was lovely and rings very true... she will be missed.
@bdul muHib said…
Earlier, there was a link to a news story here, to help people understand more of what happened to Autumn. I first viewed it on a 1.5" screen. However, when I later viewed it on a full-sized screen, I saw that there were some elements that were very...inappropriate, and so therefore the link has been removed.
Tanya said…
I was a friend of Autumn's, I had met her through a work skills class that she had taught and we became friends. I heard the news of her passing through another friend that knew her and I was very saddened. I will truly miss her, she was a wonderful person.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for putting this up abdul. I am a member of Autumn Joy's extended family as we were sponsored by her grandparents Lena and Henry Pankratz back in the early 1980's, (We were one of the original boat people from Vietnam)so I practically grew up with Autumn Joy. Having moved to Toronto I was unable to return for the memorial service with the rest of my family so your online tribute was a blessing.

I will truly miss Autumn Joy's contagious smile. Her kindness and compassion is second to none and she was an absolute delight to be around.

Our Christmases will never be the same now without her and my hearts go out to Dylan, Bernadette, Paul, Lydia, Djambe, Lena, Ron and the rest of the Jenkinson and Pankratz family.

This past year has been especially tough on their family as they lost their patriach in their grandfather Henry Pankratz early last year and now Autumn Joy.

Thank you for sharing your trip to the memorial and your tribute is very heart warming.


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