What's a Box Seat?

Yesterday one of my coworkers at United Way posted a note that he had two extra tickets for tonight's Mariners game. Having heard the night before that Janette (of GWA) was a huge Mariners fan, I called her up to find out if she was free, and grabbed the tickets.

Now, I don't know much about baseball. So help me out here. Are these good tickets?

I was told that they were box seats, and then had to ask what a box seat was. When Janette arrived at the stadium, I kept the tickets close to the vest, saying that unfortunately, I wasn't sure how good the seats were. We walked around till we got to Section 120, and then started to walk down. Janette questioned me, that I'd said the tickets weren't that good- these were great! I told her I'd lied.

And the best part of the evening (as, after all, the Mariners didn't win) was seeing the progressive joy on her face as we got closer and closer to our designation, Row 2, Seats 7 & 8. (Please note- you can see individual blades of grass.) She was utterly shocked when we made it down, and totally thrilled, having been a fan of the Mariners in particular since Junior High. She new all about the different players, and obscure rules- even more about baseball than my brother Kent! She even knew the birthdays of some of the players.

We had to get up after the third inning to get some food. (It was okay- the sweat from the players was getting in our eyes.) Upon returning we discovered we'd accidentally sat in Section 121- we were too far away! We moved to our correct seats- right next to the dugout. We were able to watch the coach interacting with the players, and I got to hear even more about all the stats on the different players, and a very helpful commentary (for me) of what was going on. There was some fluke, and the Angels didn't lose (it seems to be a regular theme for me when I go to professional games), but the experience was highly rewarding nonetheless.


Bequita17 said…
hey - you can also go into the EDIT section of blogger, choose the post where comments aren't showing and then click on POST OPTIONS at the bottom of the block. That gives you a choice of whether or not to allow comments.

Glad you had an opportunity to make someone's day! You are good at figuring out what each person appreciates in life.
@bdul muHib said…
Thank you :-)

Me and David thought perhaps that there was a glitch in the blogger matrix, as both you and I posted at the same time and it wasn't allowing comments on both, and I didn't specify I didn't want comments.

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