Birth & Bowling

Bowling reminds me of Morocco. We would head up North to the capitol, Rabat, and go bowling and ice skating in the only alley and rink in the country. I bowled more in Morocco than anywhere else in my life. And since there's no historical bowling in Morocco, they use the English word for it, which is particularly juicy, since the word for pee is bowl, and to say I pee is can bowl. Which just allows for no end of fun.

Tonight me, my brother Kent and his wife Trina, my friends Adrian and Eric, as well as Janette of GWA, all gathered at the Garage, and bowled. The Garage is a converted...garage, and has some rather cool decor, as you can see. (I forgot my camera, so we have to use video for all of this.)

It was an intimate gathering with candles that wouldn't quit. (That's Janette's voice you can hear over the video.)

I was struck with how much more primitive the bowling technology was, as compared to when I bowled in a 2/3rds world country. Here it was buttons you pushed. Morocco used computerized touch pads. A brief flasback to halcyon Moroccan bowling:

The three of us who bowled tonight all did pretty well, each getting a couple strikes. I almost won the round, for the first time. But Kent went and pulled a strike at the last frame, winning the round by 4 points.

Of course, back in Morocco, my videorecorder had no sound. Makes a world of difference when you can hear a pin drop.
I dressed the part, finding a plad shirt. Eric truly looked the part, with some fine form.


Lauren said…
Happy happy birthday to yooooou!!!
drh said…
Happy Birthday indeed!

Now the person who posted the previous comment once posted a lower bowling score than her age. (Sixteen is not always sweet.)

As for you, I hope you extinguished more pins than candles this year.
Lauren said…
Oh my!

The poor, sad bowling score that just won't die.

My very own sister reminded me of that score tonight as we bowled on her Wii.

My bowled two strikes tonight...maybe my luck is changing...
@bdul muHib said…
You can bowl on wireless now???
Hello @bdul muHib!
I was really glad to get more information about Morocco from your article.
Morocco and the whole Muslim world is so mystique. It has so many magic moments. It does not look like the other world, the relationships between men and women are so different, the culture and traditions, strict rules are made this world unforgettable.

You have described so many interesting places, and I have to go there. Thanks a lot. Good job.
mum said…
I didn't know you were such a dicy bowler! Your Kelley relatives used to bowl avidly. That and drive-in movies w homemade popcorn and our jamies, oh, and pursuing fire trucks (Hey! I hear a siren!There's a Fire! Jump in the car!) were the way we spent our time in Alamo backwoods in the early'60's. Talk about fun!

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